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At Bridger Court Reporters, Inc., we specialize in depositions for all legal needs. Our stenographers have decades of experience fulfilling the needs of legal partners throughout the State of Montana. Our abilities encompass real-time depositions, videography, eTranscripts and other legal documentation services. We promise accurate, timely results from professionals you can trust.

The Most Experienced Court Reporters in Montana


When preparing for court, proper documentation is everything. When it comes to depositions, expert witness testimony and transcripts, having a reliable court reporter in Gallatin County, MT makes all the difference.

At Bridger Court Reporters, Inc., we aim to provide you with the legal documentation services you need to bolster your case. From detailed, accurate deposition transcripts, to real-time reporting, to annotated and organized eTrascripts, our abilities are boundless. And, not only do our abilities conform to your needs, we make sure that all legal document services in Gallatin County, MT are provided in a fast, accurate, accessible way. Everything we do is personalized for your needs, and we promise results you can trust implicitly. We pass no mistakes, which means you’re always working from sound information that’s well-presented and totally accurate.

Even going above and beyond transcription services, we do everything we can to support our legal partners. Ask us about complimentary conference rooms equipped with Polycom capabilities or video deposition recording equipment. We provide both and have the expertise required to lend these resources to you. Our goal is to meet, understand and satisfy your needs for legal reporting and documentation. With our team on your side, you’ll have everything you need to present your case—backed by clear, organized facts.

  • We guarantee accuracy from start to finish! Every client is handled by owner Marla Jeske herself, creating a level of accountability that’s unmatched by larger firms.
  • Our pricing is reasonable and affordable—especially in comparison to larger corporations. We strive to deliver unbeatable pricing and superior service.
  • We’ve been providing personalized service to our clients for over 28 years. No matter your legal reporting needs, we’re equipped with the skills and experience to meet them.
  • Our range of abilities and experience includes depositions, real-time reporting, videography and eTranscripts.
  • Owner Marla Jeske is a Certified Notary Public and a Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR), as well as a member of the Montana Court Reporters Association.

Timely, Accurate Reporting

You can’t afford mistakes or delays in your transcripts, which is why we provide nothing less than timely, accurate reporting. Contact our experienced stenographers today for service.

Proudly offering shorthand reporting and expert witness testimony to residents throughout Montana, which includes: